Surprisingly, one of the most versatile feelings one can endure. And one that people underestimate.

To put it into perspective, i read an article a few days ago about a man who denied his wife’s marriage proposal, so that he wouldn’t fall behind on work. Literally days later, she died instantly in a tragic accident, and in a futile attempt to redeem himself, the man married his now dead girlfriend on the day of her funeral.

Obviously thats an extreme case, and i personally have never had to endure anything nearly that bad, but it just goes to show that you should be prepared for anything in life, because having to live with something like that is a burden that nobody should ever have to bare.

Probably the worst case of regret i personally have ever felt, is when a loved one turns on you for a simple misunderstanding, or just a simple, innocent decision that you just wish you could take back.

Maybe it was a piece of information that nobody needed to hear.

Maybe you didn’t know the person well enough to know that something you thought was fine, was the end of the world to them.

Maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree, and you’re regret is because you can’t admit your mistakes.

Being hated by someone you love, is possibly the hardest thing any human being has to endure in terms of psychological pain, but if you caused that dilemma, the hatred for yourself becomes an even greater problem.

The sadness, and in extent the regret for the decision that you, and you alone could have avoided is incredibly painful.

Sometimes, if not every time, the kind of action that causes hatred in someone you can usually trust isn’t redeemed with a simple sorry.

Even though you will be sorry, and for atleast a moment nothing seems more important, what the other person feels isn’t simply covered by your regret, and you simply have to endure the punishment, and take it in your stride.

So for anyone out there reading this who currently thinks any bad of someone, take a step back, look at it from their point of view, because if you can find it in yourself to forgive them for whatever stupid action it was they took, it might just mean the world to them.

Don’t live in regret.

Don’t let others live in regret.

Life’s too short.



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