Hidden posts: The Political Machine

For nostalgia purposes I (N) would like to share a draft of a post that was intended to go up around this time last year. If I find any more of this I’ll put them with the title “Hidden posts”. I hope you enjoy this read – even if it is a little bittersweet.

New segment, every 50 days there will be a political news roundup! This edition will start from 25th May!

  • If you’ve read or overheard some form of news over the last couple of weeks you probably are aware that the so called “Great” Britland, is in turmoil. And by turmoil I mean not a lot has happened and the country has just decided it’s its own demise.
  • The EU debate had really divided the country, with most politicians campaigning to stay, yet with the small number of politicians campaigning to leave, having more voters behind them. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn were among the MP’s campaigning to stay.
  • The world was shocked in the AM’s of the 23rd of June when the votes totalled to show that Britain had voted to leave, with 52% for leave. As this happened the pound and the stock market in the UK had dropped, and are still feeling the effects of leaving the EU.
  • Later on, our favourite DavCam, (who we know personally and who is perfectly okay with us calling him that), made a statement saying that he would resign as Prime Minister, despite many other MP’s, who were for and against #BREXIT, wanting him to stay.
  • As this had happened several candidates in the conservative party ran for taking up the role of party leader, this included judas Michael Gove and mother Theresa May.
  • Whilst the conservative party were appointing a new leader, the labour party were having power struggles of their own, with many cabinet members resigning, hoping for Corbyn to step down.
  • With the conservative party leader elections coming up, Mike Gove had ruthlessly stabbed the honourable hero, Boris Johnson, in the back, crippling “BoJo’s” party leader campaign.
  • Jeremy Corbyn did not step down, and was left with very few labour MP’s backing him, but still the support of the labour party members.
  • Leader of the UKIP party Virgil Fromage resigned, for some reason.

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