Hidden posts: The Political Machine

For nostalgia purposes I (N) would like to share a draft of a post that was intended to go up around this time last year. If I find any more of this I’ll put them with the title “Hidden posts”. I hope you enjoy this read – even if it is a little bittersweet.

New segment, every 50 days there will be a political news roundup! This edition will start from 25th May!

  • If you’ve read or overheard some form of news over the last couple of weeks you probably are aware that the so called “Great” Britland, is in turmoil. And by turmoil I mean not a lot has happened and the country has just decided it’s its own demise.
  • The EU debate had really divided the country, with most politicians campaigning to stay, yet with the small number of politicians campaigning to leave, having more voters behind them. David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn were among the MP’s campaigning to stay.
  • The world was shocked in the AM’s of the 23rd of June when the votes totalled to show that Britain had voted to leave, with 52% for leave. As this happened the pound and the stock market in the UK had dropped, and are still feeling the effects of leaving the EU.
  • Later on, our favourite DavCam, (who we know personally and who is perfectly okay with us calling him that), made a statement saying that he would resign as Prime Minister, despite many other MP’s, who were for and against #BREXIT, wanting him to stay.
  • As this had happened several candidates in the conservative party ran for taking up the role of party leader, this included judas Michael Gove and mother Theresa May.
  • Whilst the conservative party were appointing a new leader, the labour party were having power struggles of their own, with many cabinet members resigning, hoping for Corbyn to step down.
  • With the conservative party leader elections coming up, Mike Gove had ruthlessly stabbed the honourable hero, Boris Johnson, in the back, crippling “BoJo’s” party leader campaign.
  • Jeremy Corbyn did not step down, and was left with very few labour MP’s backing him, but still the support of the labour party members.
  • Leader of the UKIP party Virgil Fromage resigned, for some reason.

Giving Up On Someone

You may have noticed that the panda hasn’t posted in donkey’s years. There could have been a lot for us to cover but we kept silent. I can’t speak for the other contributors but I, Napiformity, can provide my own reasons for why this happened.

  1. I was accepted by the prestigious Manchester School of Theatre to study acting. The audition process for this took a long time to prepare for but I’m so excited to start life at drama school in September.
  2. School workload has massively increased and I’ve been forced to relegate the blog in my list of priorities
  3. Probably the most important reason: I stopped being friends with one of the key contributors to the page.

The third point on my little list is what I wanted to discuss a little today.

I’d like to begin by stating quite openly that 6 months ago, I completely cut this person from my life. I don’t feel guilty. Since “the great blocking” took place I have largely ignored this person’s attempts at reconciliation. I don’t want to work it out – I know we’ll be happier without each other.

I want people to know that it’s healthy to think this way. It’s better to let go of a toxic and manipulative relationship. Even though there will be sacrifices (this blog for one), cutting all ties can be a really positive step in becoming a happier person.

It should be clear that I don’t hate this person – I just don’t want to be around them. I think that’s fair enough.

I hope to document more things I do on this space but I can’t guarantee that they won’t post too. I’ll just have to deal with it as it comes.

Only respect,









The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

Speaking of humorous, my posts seem to have an overpowering amount of dull and depressing information (but don’t worry, more of that to come later) so today i figured we’d talk over a topic that has the potential to both cheer someone up, and destroy someone’s life!

Gotta love that over dramatic opening.

To all the keyboard warriors who tell you to kill yourself, and then threaten to commit suicide, i say DON’T!

There’s probably a lot of legal information for me to cover, forms to sign, interviews to run, etc and that’s just boring.

To all the people who live in denial about how they feel about someone, promising themselves that they wouldn’t care when the day comes where they find someone else.

Leave them in the dust, before you hurt them, or yourself, or some random bloke who you don’t even know more than you could ever imagine.


Yeah, this one doesn’t even need an explanation.

Anyway random post here pretty much as a way of me saying that now that summer is here, i have a lot more free time, and that means working on my hobbies that i usually procrastinate life with, a lot more!

So for the next few weeks, there will be more posts on the Facebook page, the SleazyP, more articles here, when i can think of something to write about.

(Article about my favourite topic, religion, coming in the near future)

And of course, *SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT* more videos from me on my YouTube channel which you can find via the link below!


Thanks for listening to me ramble (wait would it be reading my rambling?), and i hope to see you elsewhere, on another post, another feed, another page.

Thanks for… reading? Listening?

Lets just go with visually processing this information into a form in which the human brain can understand and configure into a format we’ve come to recognise as language.


Catfish and the Bottlemen: The next Arctic Monkeys? Or the current Arctic Monkeys?

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Catfish and the Bottlemen are an indie rock band who have had a meteoric rise to stardom, since their debut album “The Balcony” was released in late 2014. Throughout their career, they have been compared to the greats, such as “Oasis”, “Arctic Monkeys”, “The Strokes” and even “The Kooks”. However after their second album, “The Ride”, was released on the 27th May, they reached a completely different level altogether, with their fame comparable to the likes of  “Kanye West”, “One Direction” and “Lady Gaga”, as “The Ride” reached peak album chart positions globally.

So the question is how good is “The Ride” really? Well as an album it is very complete, with extremely high production quality as you’d expect from any artist and many great hooks showing off their evident talent. However with this album there is more than just that, there is a certain elegance within the lyrics which is very rare with modern music, this is mainly due to how down to earth it is, nothing existential, nothing complex, just things that happen. Because of this, as a listener you can really connect with this music, and this, despite how simple of a notion it is, modern music really overlooks this. This is band that you can look at as if they are just people, unlike all these rap songs about living the high life, these songs can actually mean something to the average listener.

Due to the critical acclaim that the album had, when their tour dates for 2016 and 2017 were announced, tickets dropped like flies, with most of their tour dates being sold out within the first two hours, and for some venues due to the demand, extra tour dates needed to be added.

It is clear that Catfish and the Bottlemen are one for the future with much more to come, but not only that, they are evidently also one for the present.





Surprisingly, one of the most versatile feelings one can endure. And one that people underestimate.

To put it into perspective, i read an article a few days ago about a man who denied his wife’s marriage proposal, so that he wouldn’t fall behind on work. Literally days later, she died instantly in a tragic accident, and in a futile attempt to redeem himself, the man married his now dead girlfriend on the day of her funeral.

Obviously thats an extreme case, and i personally have never had to endure anything nearly that bad, but it just goes to show that you should be prepared for anything in life, because having to live with something like that is a burden that nobody should ever have to bare.

Probably the worst case of regret i personally have ever felt, is when a loved one turns on you for a simple misunderstanding, or just a simple, innocent decision that you just wish you could take back.

Maybe it was a piece of information that nobody needed to hear.

Maybe you didn’t know the person well enough to know that something you thought was fine, was the end of the world to them.

Maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree, and you’re regret is because you can’t admit your mistakes.

Being hated by someone you love, is possibly the hardest thing any human being has to endure in terms of psychological pain, but if you caused that dilemma, the hatred for yourself becomes an even greater problem.

The sadness, and in extent the regret for the decision that you, and you alone could have avoided is incredibly painful.

Sometimes, if not every time, the kind of action that causes hatred in someone you can usually trust isn’t redeemed with a simple sorry.

Even though you will be sorry, and for atleast a moment nothing seems more important, what the other person feels isn’t simply covered by your regret, and you simply have to endure the punishment, and take it in your stride.

So for anyone out there reading this who currently thinks any bad of someone, take a step back, look at it from their point of view, because if you can find it in yourself to forgive them for whatever stupid action it was they took, it might just mean the world to them.

Don’t live in regret.

Don’t let others live in regret.

Life’s too short.