Giving Up On Someone

You may have noticed that the panda hasn’t posted in donkey’s years. There could have been a lot for us to cover but we kept silent. I can’t speak for the other contributors but I, Napiformity, can provide my own reasons for why this happened.

  1. I was accepted by the prestigious Manchester School of Theatre to study acting. The audition process for this took a long time to prepare for but I’m so excited to start life at drama school in September.
  2. School workload has massively increased and I’ve been forced to relegate the blog in my list of priorities
  3. Probably the most important reason: I stopped being friends with one of the key contributors to the page.

The third point on my little list is what I wanted to discuss a little today.

I’d like to begin by stating quite openly that 6 months ago, I completely cut this person from my life. I don’t feel guilty. Since “the great blocking” took place I have largely ignored this person’s attempts at reconciliation. I don’t want to work it out – I know we’ll be happier without each other.

I want people to know that it’s healthy to think this way. It’s better to let go of a toxic and manipulative relationship. Even though there will be sacrifices (this blog for one), cutting all ties can be a really positive step in becoming a happier person.

It should be clear that I don’t hate this person – I just don’t want to be around them. I think that’s fair enough.

I hope to document more things I do on this space but I can’t guarantee that they won’t post too. I’ll just have to deal with it as it comes.

Only respect,








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