The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

Speaking of humorous, my posts seem to have an overpowering amount of dull and depressing information (but don’t worry, more of that to come later) so today i figured we’d talk over a topic that has the potential to both cheer someone up, and destroy someone’s life!

Gotta love that over dramatic opening.

To all the keyboard warriors who tell you to kill yourself, and then threaten to commit suicide, i say DON’T!

There’s probably a lot of legal information for me to cover, forms to sign, interviews to run, etc and that’s just boring.

To all the people who live in denial about how they feel about someone, promising themselves that they wouldn’t care when the day comes where they find someone else.

Leave them in the dust, before you hurt them, or yourself, or some random bloke who you don’t even know more than you could ever imagine.


Yeah, this one doesn’t even need an explanation.

Anyway random post here pretty much as a way of me saying that now that summer is here, i have a lot more free time, and that means working on my hobbies that i usually procrastinate life with, a lot more!

So for the next few weeks, there will be more posts on the Facebook page, the SleazyP, more articles here, when i can think of something to write about.

(Article about my favourite topic, religion, coming in the near future)

And of course, *SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT* more videos from me on my YouTube channel which you can find via the link below!

Thanks for listening to me ramble (wait would it be reading my rambling?), and i hope to see you elsewhere, on another post, another feed, another page.

Thanks for… reading? Listening?

Lets just go with visually processing this information into a form in which the human brain can understand and configure into a format we’ve come to recognise as language.