Is Water a Portal to Another Dimension?

Short answer? No.

HAHA! I bet you feel like a right fool now, well fear not, because i will actually be going over some theories as to how this could be possible in today’s Sleazy Post.

So, being a man of philosophy and existentialism, i was lying in my bed pondering the meaning of the Universe the other day, with my lava lamp flowing in front of me (I find them very relaxing, especially if you have trouble sleeping), and i noticed that the bubbles of wax always form perfect spheres in the solution.

Now, before we tackle today’s question, as usual we have to tackle many others, and this one may seem rather unimportant, but why are there no cuboid planets?

Cuboid planets? Thats crazy! Well, you’d be surprised, it’s been theorized that there could be cylindrical, and donut shaped planets in our galaxy that we just haven’t found yet. donut planets are seriously cool by the way, i will be doing a post on them in the near future!

Anything in space creates its own gravity, whether it be a single dust particle, or a massive rock floating around with some primitive beings pondering about whether or not they should go for tea with Barbara.

This is how planets originally formed, when the big bang happened, and all the matter in the Universe was violently flung around in every direction, particles started to chunk together, and exponentially grow.

You see, if 2 particles ever came into contact with each other, they would have a higher gravitational field (however small it may be) than the single particle next to them, and they would pull in any single particles, hence the exponential growth.

As we know, Gravity pulls inwards, and forms perfect spheres, and this is why there aren’t really any other planets in the Universe that aren’t perfectly spherical naturally.

“But Skal, how does this relate to water being a portal to another di-”

Well i’m getting to that! Let a man finish.

My theory, is that not only water, but any liquid solution (considering that the liquid in lava lamps is made up of water, mineral oil, paraffin wax, and carbon tetrachloride) is actually just a pocket dimension, hence why other substances such as the wax form perfect spheres whilst in the lamp.

This doesn’t explain other things though, such as why the spheres of wax always sink to the bottom, surely if this other dimension lacked gravity like space at the beggining of the Universe, the spheres of was would just sit in the middle, motionless.

Well, an explanation for this could simply be that this newly formed pocket dimension, is already in our atmosphere, and our atmosphere is pretty damn strong!

Dont forget that water also came to earth from meteorites, and other extra terrestrial bodies, so maybe water is just a form of technology that we dont yet understand…

As a friend of mine, called Napiformity on this site once told me, what if Aliens have already visited us, and their spaceships just look like leaves in a breeze to us, we’d never know, because its not what we expect Aliens to look like, by the standards that the media has set in the past.

Now there is a lot more to this, but i shall save it for another day, for example:

  • What Would an Alien Actually Look Like?
  • How Would a Donut Planet Form?
  • How Would a Moon Behave Around a Donut Planet?
  • More Explanations For Our Existance

Thanks for listening to me ramble, i hope you enjoyed learning a little something about how crazy i could possibly be…

Now i want to stay on a donut planet… i wonder if they serve free donuts as memorabilia?

A question, for another day.


PS: The picture picture for this post was made by me! :3


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