Catfish and the Bottlemen: The next Arctic Monkeys? Or the current Arctic Monkeys?

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Catfish and the Bottlemen are an indie rock band who have had a meteoric rise to stardom, since their debut album “The Balcony” was released in late 2014. Throughout their career, they have been compared to the greats, such as “Oasis”, “Arctic Monkeys”, “The Strokes” and even “The Kooks”. However after their second album, “The Ride”, was released on the 27th May, they reached a completely different level altogether, with their fame comparable to the likes of  “Kanye West”, “One Direction” and “Lady Gaga”, as “The Ride” reached peak album chart positions globally.

So the question is how good is “The Ride” really? Well as an album it is very complete, with extremely high production quality as you’d expect from any artist and many great hooks showing off their evident talent. However with this album there is more than just that, there is a certain elegance within the lyrics which is very rare with modern music, this is mainly due to how down to earth it is, nothing existential, nothing complex, just things that happen. Because of this, as a listener you can really connect with this music, and this, despite how simple of a notion it is, modern music really overlooks this. This is band that you can look at as if they are just people, unlike all these rap songs about living the high life, these songs can actually mean something to the average listener.

Due to the critical acclaim that the album had, when their tour dates for 2016 and 2017 were announced, tickets dropped like flies, with most of their tour dates being sold out within the first two hours, and for some venues due to the demand, extra tour dates needed to be added.

It is clear that Catfish and the Bottlemen are one for the future with much more to come, but not only that, they are evidently also one for the present.