Recipes: Gothic Fiction

To be made between the 18th and 19th centuries – unless you’re a modern author looking to add prestige to your trashy horror tale.



1 castle, ruinous in parts if not totally in disrepair. Empty if not for the fiend or degenerate taking residence there.

Abundantly clear lack of a cleaner to the premises with much coughing and cobweb based mishaps

A woman in the throws of madness. She’ll have knotty hair and will probably chant something at the moon before being saved or killed. Either way it’ll be a relief.

All manner of eerie sounds. Sighs. Moans. Misplaced Sexual tension. The moans becoming steadily more awkward following this realisation.

Supernatural events that “cannot be explained” Oooh. Freaky. Probably a vampire or monster that is representative of some section of society you secretly wish to ostracise. Looking at you, non-PC victorians.

Blood. Lashings of it – preferably dripping down walls. Really wishing we had that cleaner now.

Out of place romantic entanglement. It makes no sense but is apparently fundamental. Filler methinks.


Mix them thoroughly during symbolic weather e.g. storm or hurricane. Lot of analysable imagery there. Probably make no money during your lifetime but be revered and hailed as a genius long after your death. Lovely.