Introducing Napiformity!

Hello to the tens of people reading this. You really came out in your droves, didn’t you. Well as one of the contributors to this blog, I have opted to answer some quick FAQs so that you can get to know me. Clearly from the off you can see that I just ooze originality.


My name (on here at least mehehe) is Napiformity or Mitty if the former gets a bit too polysyllabic. It is derived from the adjective napiform which means shaped like a turnip. So enjoy puzzling that one over. I’m enigmatic what can I say. What am I gonna say next? Scotch tape! See, you didn’t know.

My favourite colour is puce, like the armpit of a plague victim.

Favourite drink? Ice cold glass of disappointment. And irony.

On the TV right now? Killer women with Piers Morgan. Honestly it’s a riot…

Speak another language? Un poco. El Gato bombero. Biblioteca de pestaƱas. In other words… no.

Phone? Rose gold iPhone 6s. Because clearly I don’t exude enough white trash essence already.

My favourite line of poetry would have to be “I wandered lonely as a moth to eat some jumpers in a draw” – Steve Coogan

So there’s a basic introduction to me! Hope it gave you some insight and that you’re now itching to see what content I’ll put out next. I know I’m so excited. Well, as much as a cynic and sarcastic fiend as I possibly can be.

See you next time, turnips.





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